Copper Sheet

Description: The Copper Sheet C110 is a thin, flat material made from C110 grade copper, recognized for its exceptional purity and quality. This grade of copper is highly sought after for its superior electrical and thermal conductivity, making the sheet format ideal for a wide range of industrial and decorative applications. The sheet’s flatness and malleability allow for precise shaping and cutting to meet specific design requirements.

Usage: Due to its high conductivity, the C110 Copper Sheet is extensively used in electrical applications, including in the manufacture of circuit boards, heat sinks, and other components where efficient heat and electrical transfer are crucial. Its excellent corrosion resistance and solderability make it a preferred choice for plumbing fixtures, roofing, and architectural elements, where long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing materials are needed. Additionally, its ability to be easily welded and formed lends itself to custom manufacturing projects, including art installations and detailed architectural work.

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