Copper Flat Bar

Description: The Copper Flat Bar C110 is crafted from C110 copper, known for being the purest grade of commercially available copper. It features a flat, rectangular shape that enhances its versatility and suitability for various industrial applications. This alloy is noted for its exceptional electrical and thermal conductivity, making it highly effective in applications requiring the transmission of heat or electricity.

Usage: C110 Copper is renowned for its high conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance, and superior solderability, making it ideal for electrical applications such as electrical components, conductive bases, and heat sinks. Additionally, its ease of forming and joining makes it suitable for architectural applications, including roofing, guttering, and flashing, where its corrosion resistance ensures longevity and durability. The flat bar form is particularly useful for fabricating parts that require flat surfaces with sharp corners, like bus bars and terminal connectors.

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